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OS Minibulls 2021  - Charity Open Show

Entries 15.3.-14.4.2021

Even though we are not able to enter dog shows now or probably not even in June, here is something to cheer us all up!

Virtual COS Minibulls 2021 is here!

COS stands for Charity Open Show and all its profits will be used in full for the improvement of the breed’s health and for the Club’s health examination grants.

You can enter the official show classes (OBS! there is no intermediate class in this virtual show) by sending a photo of your dog. In addition to the official classes, you can also enter your dog to unofficial “the Free Time Classes”!

For the official classes, shoot/choose a quite recent stacked photo of your dog, ( no more than a year )  with preferably quite neutral background. You can enter a dog to only one official class (plus the unofficial Free Time Classes). Of course, you can enter with as many dogs you have!

In “the Free Time Classes” the dogs with most expressive photos showing the personality and peculiarity of the breed will be awarded!

Check the more detailed info below:


Official classes:

Joy Schafer, Schardale Minibulls, Australia

Vanessa Bruggeman, Happy Little Fellows, Alankomaat

Unofficial Classes:

Jaana Salujõe, Viro


Entry starting 15th March 2021 and closing 14th April 2021. Entry form here:

After filling the entry form, please send the photo/photos with the information of the photographer (if other than the owner of the dog), and also the copy of the receipt of the payment to:

Entry fees:

Official classes first dog/photo 7€, the following dogs 5€/dog.

Unofficial class 5€.

Please pay the entry fee(s) to the account:

Suomen Kääpiöbullterrierit ry
IBAN FI08 4327 0010 3234 99
Use the reference number: 2024

When entering your dog to official classes, please send only one (1) stacked photo (and if you want,  one (1) head shot taken from the front per dog, not manditory).  At the entry all identification data of the photo will be removed and the photos will be send to judges only with the entry numbers on them.

When entering your dog the unofficial “Free Time Classes”, please send max. 3 photos / person. You can enter also swith the photos of the dogs, who have already passed to the Rainbow Bridge. So old phots are ok!



·        male/female puppies 2 – under 6 months

·        male/female puppies 6 – under 9 months

The winner of each puppy class will be competing for the Best Puppy of the gender  and the the best male puppy and the best female puppy continue to Best of Breed and Best in Show Puppy and to Best of Opposite Sex Puppy competition.

Juniorclass males/females 9 – under 18 months

Open class males/females over 15 months

Champion class males/females

Veteran class males/females over 7 years

Megaveteran class males/females over 10 years

The four best of the each class will be placed and the winner of the each class continues to the Best Male/Female competition (except puppies). There will be no quality judgements given in this virtual show, but every dog will get a written judgement and a diploma.

The best male and female veterans will also compete for the Best of Breed Veteran/Best in Show Veteran and Best of Opposite Sex Veteran titles.

The Best Male and the Best Female will compete for the Best of Breed/Best in Show and the Best of Opposite Sex titles.

Unofficial “Free Time Classes”

“Being upset”

“The best nap ever”

“The speedy minibulls at their hobbies”

“Year-round life of a minibull”

The pictures of all participants and the results of the show will be published 24.4.2021 .

Welcome to the COS Show, the positivity is our motto and spreading the joy and giving the prizes are our duties! 
All profits from the show will be used in full for the improvement of the breed’s health and for the health examination grants.